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El Arish is located in the North of the Sinai Peninsula on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, 40 kilometers from the border with Israel.
It is a large city with a population of 100 thousand people, its coastal part is occupied by hotels and guest houses. Local beaches are famous for fine sand, palm trees and azure sea water. It is a city with a rich, ancient history, but was practically rebuilt after the Israeli occupation in 1967.
El Arish lacks the variety of cuisine that the restaurants of Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh are famous for. Hotels and restaurants specialize in seafood. There is also some meat, fruits and vegetables in the diet. In the city's restaurants, you can taste the delights of Egyptian and Bedouin cuisine. Any establishment will offer you tea made from hibiscus flowers (known to many as hibiscus), perfectly quenching thirst.
El Arish is famous for its beautiful palm groves and the Al-Aranik Nature Reserve 35 kilometers from the city. In addition to your vacation, you can go on a desert safari, ride a camel and visit a Bedouin village.

El Arish is predominantly a beach holiday. Despite the fact that popular hotels are located in the city, there is not much entertainment outside their territory. The exceptions are shopping centers and cafes on the waterfront.

Bath city

The most picturesque and authentic resort in England, the British unanimously consider the city of Bath, located in Somerset on the Avon River.
Today Bath, along with such UK cities as London, Oxford and Edinburgh, is one of the most visited cities by tourists. No wonder, because almost every building here breathes history. Walking along the central streets, you can feel the whole atmosphere of classicism and architectural bliss of the English province.
It is not surprising that it was Bath who served as a muse and inspired many English writers to masterpieces of literature generally recognized throughout the world. Among them are the famous novels by Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, which are also set in the town. Nevertheless, among the British themselves, the city is popular not for its beauty and architecture. The resort feature of Bath is its thermal springs, which have not only relaxing properties, but also medicinal ones.

Bath is one of the oldest settlements in the British Isles. Hot springs on the site of the modern city were found in ancient times by the Romans who ruled Britain at that time. Even then, the first terms (baths) were built, to which aristocrats flocked from all over the island. With the advent of Christianity, a splendid abbey was built in Bath, which over time only expanded and by the 13th century became the seat of the Bishop of Wales.

Already at the end of the 18th century, Bath became a fashionable resort, which is extremely popular among London dandies, who, led by the "king of dandies" Richard Nash, visit the city every summer. Until World War I, Bath became the center of public life, since it was here that the entire English aristocracy and even members of the royal family moved here during the holiday seasons. 
As already mentioned, Bath is very popular due to its thermal springs. There are 4 such springs in total, and the temperature in them in the summer season reaches an average of 46 ° C. Healing waters help primarily from most age-related diseases, such as: rheumatism, gout, paralysis, rheumatism, various joint ailments and more. In addition to baths and showers, water is also drunk for general cleansing of the body. The resort is interesting because the average annual temperature is higher than in any other southern county. In between therapeutic baths, tourists are invited to walk along the picturesque streets of the town, the most popular of which are Kingston Square and Queens Square, as well as picturesque parks called Victoria Park and Sydney Garden.


More recently, Cancun was the blue dream of the average office plankton from the United States and is now one of the most popular resort on the planet.
Today, the city of Cancun, located in Mexico, on the Yucatan Peninsula, is a thriving resort town where sun and sea lovers flock not only from the United States, but also from all over the world. The city's population is only half a million people, almost half of which is a fickle, seasonal wave of holidaymakers. The resort is located on a sandy spit directly in the sea, shaped like the number "7".
Cancun is famous for its tropical climate, which means that the average annual temperature here is 30-32 degrees Celsius. Due to the very diverse infrastructure of the city, any tourist can find here for themselves a vacation to their liking.
The territory where Cancun is located today, long ago belonged to the Mayan civilization. And although there are practically no traces of its presence on the sandy spit itself, the historical flavor of the place speaks for itself. After the colonization of Mexico by the Spaniards, several mentions of a fishing village on a sand spit appear in the chronicles. And only in 1970, the picturesque landscapes begin to acquire a shade of civilization, the construction of hotels begins, and Cancun turns into a resort. The UN Climate Summit in 2010 had a particular impact on the growth of the level of local services and urban infrastructure.

Of course, most of the vacationers in Cancun come over the sea and the sun. Indeed, the resort is famous for its crystal clear and warm waters, the average temperature of which does not drop below 24 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Well-groomed beaches, clear sea water and developed beach service allow vacationers to enjoy all the gifts of nature.
The northern part of the spit is Isla Muhares Bay, where coastal waters are almost always calm. Therefore, the northern part of the island is popular with family lovers. The southern end of the sand spit goes out into the open sea. As a rule, young people and thrill-seekers rest in this part of the resort. It is also worth noting that on the coastal area there are many tropical bars and discos, which at times diversify a relaxing holiday by the sea.

Taba city

Taba is located on the border of Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia, the former disputed territory has been turned into a popular beach resort.
The city itself does not represent anything interesting - an ordinary border point with low prices for recreation, cafes and diving. It is convenient to travel to Israel and Jordan from here, but Taba is a long way to travel to Cairo. The resort has a drawback: due to the fact that it is located in the border zone, it is worth walking around the city with documents and a passport, not taking pictures of border facilities, administrative buildings and military personnel.
Taba has its own airport. But due to security reasons, all flights have been moved to the nearest airport, Sharm el-Sheikh. Transfer time from the airport to the hotel is 3.5 hours. If you are traveling on your own, you can get there by public transport or taxi.

Due to the geographical location, local restaurants are guided not only by European and Egyptian cuisines, but also Israeli and Arabian ones. If you get tired of the food at the hotel, any restaurant will feed you delicious and fresh food to the brim. A specialty of local establishments is fish and seafood.

As mentioned above, Taba is stingy with local attractions, but it offers excellent excursions: Mount Moses, a colored canyon, trips to Israel, Jordan and the Monastery of St. Catherine. The latter is the place where Moses saw God. The only thing that disappoints is the hordes of tourists, and the view from Mount Moses is amazing.

Taba is a place for secluded relaxation. In fact, apart from the beach, the sea is nothing here. But the latter are excellent. Pharaoh's Island is worth a separate mention; local coral reefs are a real paradise for diving and scuba diving.
Sharm El Sheikh

The Sharm El Sheikh resort is one of the most popular destinations for Russian tourists who have decided to spend their holidays in Egypt.
The Egyptian resort town of Sharm El Sheikh is located on the Sinai Peninsula, where it is washed by the Red Sea. Unlike the classical cities of Egypt like Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria, Sharm el-Sheikh is more reminiscent of European resorts on the Mediterranean coast. The year-round tourist season is divided into two periods: summer and winter.
Many Russian tourists often do not know how to correctly spell and pronounce the name of the city - Sharm El Sheikh or Sharm El Sheikh. According to experts in the Arabic language, it contains "solar" and "lunar" consonants, which turn the article "el" into itself. In other words, it is likened to the articulation of the consonant of the next word.
Sharm el-Sheikh has a tropical desert climate, precipitation is extremely rare, so the weather is dry and warm all year round. In the summer months, the air temperature reaches + 40-45 degrees Celsius during the day and may well not drop below +30 at night. Nevertheless, due to low air humidity and winds, such conditions are tolerated by numerous tourists without any problems.
In winter, the water temperature in the Red Sea never drops below +20 degrees, and in summer it can warm up to + 28-30 degrees. However, the night air temperature in January-February can still be around +15 degrees.
To visit the Sinai Peninsula, tourists from the Russian Federation do not need to apply for a visa in advance. The stamp in the passport, allowing to stay in Sinai for up to 15 days, is placed right at the airport. The same goes for a tourist visa, which is required for travelers wishing to travel to Egypt for 30 days. The cost of its immediate registration at the airport is  25 USD .
Regular flights from Russia to Sharm el-Sheikh do not yet exist. However, tourists have the opportunity to get to the resort using a "hot tour" or buy a ticket to Alexandria or Cairo, and from there drive to Sharm El Sheikh. Direct flights from Moscow are carried out by such airlines as Aeroflot, Red Wings Airlines, Ural Airlines, UTair and others. The connecting flights are operated by Egypt Air, Turkish Airlines, SAS, Emirates, British Airways.