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Bath city

The most picturesque and authentic resort in England, the British unanimously consider the city of Bath, located in Somerset on the Avon River.
Today Bath, along with such UK cities as London, Oxford and Edinburgh, is one of the most visited cities by tourists. No wonder, because almost every building here breathes history. Walking along the central streets, you can feel the whole atmosphere of classicism and architectural bliss of the English province.
It is not surprising that it was Bath who served as a muse and inspired many English writers to masterpieces of literature generally recognized throughout the world. Among them are the famous novels by Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, which are also set in the town. Nevertheless, among the British themselves, the city is popular not for its beauty and architecture. The resort feature of Bath is its thermal springs, which have not only relaxing properties, but also medicinal ones.

Bath is one of the oldest settlements in the British Isles. Hot springs on the site of the modern city were found in ancient times by the Romans who ruled Britain at that time. Even then, the first terms (baths) were built, to which aristocrats flocked from all over the island. With the advent of Christianity, a splendid abbey was built in Bath, which over time only expanded and by the 13th century became the seat of the Bishop of Wales.

Already at the end of the 18th century, Bath became a fashionable resort, which is extremely popular among London dandies, who, led by the "king of dandies" Richard Nash, visit the city every summer. Until World War I, Bath became the center of public life, since it was here that the entire English aristocracy and even members of the royal family moved here during the holiday seasons. 
As already mentioned, Bath is very popular due to its thermal springs. There are 4 such springs in total, and the temperature in them in the summer season reaches an average of 46 ° C. Healing waters help primarily from most age-related diseases, such as: rheumatism, gout, paralysis, rheumatism, various joint ailments and more. In addition to baths and showers, water is also drunk for general cleansing of the body. The resort is interesting because the average annual temperature is higher than in any other southern county. In between therapeutic baths, tourists are invited to walk along the picturesque streets of the town, the most popular of which are Kingston Square and Queens Square, as well as picturesque parks called Victoria Park and Sydney Garden.

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