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More recently, Cancun was the blue dream of the average office plankton from the United States and is now one of the most popular resort on the planet.
Today, the city of Cancun, located in Mexico, on the Yucatan Peninsula, is a thriving resort town where sun and sea lovers flock not only from the United States, but also from all over the world. The city's population is only half a million people, almost half of which is a fickle, seasonal wave of holidaymakers. The resort is located on a sandy spit directly in the sea, shaped like the number "7".
Cancun is famous for its tropical climate, which means that the average annual temperature here is 30-32 degrees Celsius. Due to the very diverse infrastructure of the city, any tourist can find here for themselves a vacation to their liking.
The territory where Cancun is located today, long ago belonged to the Mayan civilization. And although there are practically no traces of its presence on the sandy spit itself, the historical flavor of the place speaks for itself. After the colonization of Mexico by the Spaniards, several mentions of a fishing village on a sand spit appear in the chronicles. And only in 1970, the picturesque landscapes begin to acquire a shade of civilization, the construction of hotels begins, and Cancun turns into a resort. The UN Climate Summit in 2010 had a particular impact on the growth of the level of local services and urban infrastructure.

Of course, most of the vacationers in Cancun come over the sea and the sun. Indeed, the resort is famous for its crystal clear and warm waters, the average temperature of which does not drop below 24 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Well-groomed beaches, clear sea water and developed beach service allow vacationers to enjoy all the gifts of nature.
The northern part of the spit is Isla Muhares Bay, where coastal waters are almost always calm. Therefore, the northern part of the island is popular with family lovers. The southern end of the sand spit goes out into the open sea. As a rule, young people and thrill-seekers rest in this part of the resort. It is also worth noting that on the coastal area there are many tropical bars and discos, which at times diversify a relaxing holiday by the sea.

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