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Taba city

Taba is located on the border of Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia, the former disputed territory has been turned into a popular beach resort.
The city itself does not represent anything interesting - an ordinary border point with low prices for recreation, cafes and diving. It is convenient to travel to Israel and Jordan from here, but Taba is a long way to travel to Cairo. The resort has a drawback: due to the fact that it is located in the border zone, it is worth walking around the city with documents and a passport, not taking pictures of border facilities, administrative buildings and military personnel.
Taba has its own airport. But due to security reasons, all flights have been moved to the nearest airport, Sharm el-Sheikh. Transfer time from the airport to the hotel is 3.5 hours. If you are traveling on your own, you can get there by public transport or taxi.

Due to the geographical location, local restaurants are guided not only by European and Egyptian cuisines, but also Israeli and Arabian ones. If you get tired of the food at the hotel, any restaurant will feed you delicious and fresh food to the brim. A specialty of local establishments is fish and seafood.

As mentioned above, Taba is stingy with local attractions, but it offers excellent excursions: Mount Moses, a colored canyon, trips to Israel, Jordan and the Monastery of St. Catherine. The latter is the place where Moses saw God. The only thing that disappoints is the hordes of tourists, and the view from Mount Moses is amazing.

Taba is a place for secluded relaxation. In fact, apart from the beach, the sea is nothing here. But the latter are excellent. Pharaoh's Island is worth a separate mention; local coral reefs are a real paradise for diving and scuba diving.

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